Monday, April 13, 2009

spring so far


I work Monday through Friday (and though I'm considered full time, I am not working 40 hours a week, so I still feel compelled to keep looking for an additional job), so pretty much all I want to do on Saturday and Sunday is sleep. Hopefully soon I'll get adjusted to waking up while it's still dark and chugging coffee like all the other adults.

And now some outfit photos: [kind of amazing how I never wore pants the months I was living at home, and now that I've moved I have barely worn any dresses or skirts. hopefully my outfits aren't too boring now]

a few weekends ago:

cardigan- remixed a million times over
shirt- thrifted

pants- Joe's Jeans
bag- vintage

shoes- Seychelles

last weekend (easter):

bag- vintage
scarf- Cambodia
green v neck- Splendid

blue undershirt- C&C California
cardigan- remixed

jeans- Joe's
shoes- Teva (these allow me to be spontaneously intrepid. intrepid!)