Monday, April 13, 2009

spring so far


I work Monday through Friday (and though I'm considered full time, I am not working 40 hours a week, so I still feel compelled to keep looking for an additional job), so pretty much all I want to do on Saturday and Sunday is sleep. Hopefully soon I'll get adjusted to waking up while it's still dark and chugging coffee like all the other adults.

And now some outfit photos: [kind of amazing how I never wore pants the months I was living at home, and now that I've moved I have barely worn any dresses or skirts. hopefully my outfits aren't too boring now]

a few weekends ago:

cardigan- remixed a million times over
shirt- thrifted

pants- Joe's Jeans
bag- vintage

shoes- Seychelles

last weekend (easter):

bag- vintage
scarf- Cambodia
green v neck- Splendid

blue undershirt- C&C California
cardigan- remixed

jeans- Joe's
shoes- Teva (these allow me to be spontaneously intrepid. intrepid!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

spring for the shop!

I have today off (oh yeah, I got a job), so I've spent the morning doing some photography and getting ready to update my shop. I've felt pretty guilty for neglecting it these past couple of months, but I think life is finally settling down to the point where I can get things going again.

Just a few of the things from my closet that will be in the shop in the coming weeks.

Most of what is going to be appearing the next month or two are pieces from my own closet--- clothes that I love but just don't get the chance to wear enough. In addition to things from my closet are a few dresses from my grandmother's in New York! Unfortunately they are all too big for me, but maybe they'll be your size? Especially worth noting is a chocolate brown 1950s sheath dress and bolero set--- soo Joan from Mad Men!

Already listed are the following two dresses (remember these?):

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sea sage

Though I have lived in California for all but two years of my mid-twenties life, this place I moved to two months ago is the closest I've lived to the ocean. I drive by it on my way to my boyfriend's, but it wasn't until today that I got a-hikin' out to the Pacific from my little house.

Hylton and I were only out for about two hours, though we definitely could have stayed there on the mesa all day--- eucalyptus groves behind us and the ocean ahead.

Poppies are my favorite flower... I probably like Oriental or Icelandic poppies the best, but the varieties native to California are also quite beautiful.

California poppies: the state flower.

Wild mustard growing aplenty with the foothills beyond.

shirt- thrifted
undershirt- AA acid washed V neck
pants- Volcom
shoes- Teva
tote bag- from a temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There have been times in my life (most notably college) where I felt this need to chose between two types of being--- maybe it was just style, but it always felt like more than that at the time. I went through periods of no makeup, no [leg] shaving (at the longest, a year and a half), long hair all the way to my tailbone. It was always freeing to not spend time on those unnecessary pursuits--- but I'd always eventually be drawn back to a little powder and mascara, heels and a cinched in waist. This weekend I spent lolling about in the same clothes, feeling unwashed and basically happy, but tomorrow I'll be showered and hopefully heading in for my first day of work. As long as you have a weekend I guess you don't really have to choose.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

there wasn't a house here in 1962

orange shirt- UO
denim wrap skirt- thrifted
bag- vintage 1970s
shoes- Born

Sunday, March 8, 2009

under my thumb

shirt- ? [old] (CA)
skirt- vintage 1950s (CA)
belt- vintage (NY)
boots- Me Too

Thursday, March 5, 2009

sam edelman/ boho toe tappers

While wandering around downtown yesterday (meekly calling, "someone, please, offer me a job"), I came upon a few pairs of shoes that I would very much like to buy, future salary willing. Both are from Sam Edelman, and both would look quite nice with the long, flowy attire I associate with spring and freedom (though not the kind that only comes with forced democracy).

About this time last year, when I was still living in Japan, I was excited by the crop of gladiator sandals showing up online. When I returned to California, though, I saw them EVERYWHERE and of course that sort of makes them less appealing. These two sandals by Sam Edelman seem to be in that same vein while remaining a bit more true to the boho strap-some-leather-on-your-feet-before-hitting-the-field-of-flowers look that I like about this kind of shoe. The only worrisome aspect (besides any shoes I like assuredly costing more than I will be able to convince myself to spend for at least a couple more months) is that the sole is always quite hard and completely flat. Are these then just not the walk-around-all-day sort, or is there something here I'm missing?