Tuesday, March 24, 2009

spring for the shop!

I have today off (oh yeah, I got a job), so I've spent the morning doing some photography and getting ready to update my shop. I've felt pretty guilty for neglecting it these past couple of months, but I think life is finally settling down to the point where I can get things going again.

Just a few of the things from my closet that will be in the shop in the coming weeks.

Most of what is going to be appearing the next month or two are pieces from my own closet--- clothes that I love but just don't get the chance to wear enough. In addition to things from my closet are a few dresses from my grandmother's in New York! Unfortunately they are all too big for me, but maybe they'll be your size? Especially worth noting is a chocolate brown 1950s sheath dress and bolero set--- soo Joan from Mad Men!

Already listed are the following two dresses (remember these?):


Lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice outfits:D

Fashion Forestry said...

That dress is really pretty on you!