Sunday, March 15, 2009

sea sage

Though I have lived in California for all but two years of my mid-twenties life, this place I moved to two months ago is the closest I've lived to the ocean. I drive by it on my way to my boyfriend's, but it wasn't until today that I got a-hikin' out to the Pacific from my little house.

Hylton and I were only out for about two hours, though we definitely could have stayed there on the mesa all day--- eucalyptus groves behind us and the ocean ahead.

Poppies are my favorite flower... I probably like Oriental or Icelandic poppies the best, but the varieties native to California are also quite beautiful.

California poppies: the state flower.

Wild mustard growing aplenty with the foothills beyond.

shirt- thrifted
undershirt- AA acid washed V neck
pants- Volcom
shoes- Teva
tote bag- from a temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

There have been times in my life (most notably college) where I felt this need to chose between two types of being--- maybe it was just style, but it always felt like more than that at the time. I went through periods of no makeup, no [leg] shaving (at the longest, a year and a half), long hair all the way to my tailbone. It was always freeing to not spend time on those unnecessary pursuits--- but I'd always eventually be drawn back to a little powder and mascara, heels and a cinched in waist. This weekend I spent lolling about in the same clothes, feeling unwashed and basically happy, but tomorrow I'll be showered and hopefully heading in for my first day of work. As long as you have a weekend I guess you don't really have to choose.


ana b. said...

This setting looks just perfect. A field full of poppies! I would just love that. It looks like a great hike.

I feel for you. There's so many lives I'd love to live. Unfortunately, I'm limited by time, money, place, etc etc!

amber at painfullyhip said...

lovely lovely!
do you live off hwy 1? it must be the most scenic highway in existence, at least when the fog goes away for a millisecond!
poppies are my favorite wildflower too!

Pretty Little Pictures said...

These are such beautiful shots :)

jules said...

these are so beautiful! I love poppies!

Meredith said...

amber- yeah, I live off the 101. it is about the best drive, though for going any amount of distance away it's usually faster to cut over to the 5 (sigh). not much scenery there.