Thursday, March 5, 2009

sam edelman/ boho toe tappers

While wandering around downtown yesterday (meekly calling, "someone, please, offer me a job"), I came upon a few pairs of shoes that I would very much like to buy, future salary willing. Both are from Sam Edelman, and both would look quite nice with the long, flowy attire I associate with spring and freedom (though not the kind that only comes with forced democracy).

About this time last year, when I was still living in Japan, I was excited by the crop of gladiator sandals showing up online. When I returned to California, though, I saw them EVERYWHERE and of course that sort of makes them less appealing. These two sandals by Sam Edelman seem to be in that same vein while remaining a bit more true to the boho strap-some-leather-on-your-feet-before-hitting-the-field-of-flowers look that I like about this kind of shoe. The only worrisome aspect (besides any shoes I like assuredly costing more than I will be able to convince myself to spend for at least a couple more months) is that the sole is always quite hard and completely flat. Are these then just not the walk-around-all-day sort, or is there something here I'm missing?


ana b. said...

Completely flat flat shoes are so common these days. They are all so beautiful and tempting. But after a day running around in them, my feet are shot. Which is no good at all. A podiatrist told me your sole should be at least an inch off the ground.

And what a shame about your boyfriend sighing about outfit photos. That's a bit sad. Perhaps one of your friends could do it? Or use self-timer.

ZombieLace said...

I am so looking forward to getting my hands on a pair of strappy sandals this spring... and the funny thing is, I never used to be much of a sandal gal, but these speak to me. I especially like the woven ones.

lauren said...

these shoes are great and i am on the hunt for mine. but don't they just look so hilarious without a foot in them, sort of like always makes me laugh a lil' bit!