Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Thanks to Capitola Girl for featuring my black vintage dress in her great article on accessorizing the LBD!

From taking a look at her etsy shop I saw that we grew up in the same area, and she is living in the area where I went to college! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since California is a pretty big place with a massive amount of people, but still! How funny.

In other news, I stayed up impossibly late (and for someone with a schedule like me, that is actually more like impossibly early, like, other-people-in-the-house-getting-ready-for-work-early) last night organizing my 'home clothes.' Ever since I was little I have had two different wardrobes--- 'normal' stuff for wearing out in the real world, and 'home' stuff that I'd change into when I got, well, home. I guess you could think of these things as pajamas, but my 'home' wardrobe really transcends sleepwear. The vast majority of this clothing are hand-me-downs from my older sister, my mom, aunts, even my dad. And as I was trying to decide last night what I could part with, more often than not the newer, could-be-worn-without-looking-like-a-vagrant clothing was the stuff to be carefully folded into the donate pile. There is just stuff I can't imagine giving up. These are the kinds of old, ratty t-shirts that you'd pass right by in a thrift store, not lingering long enough to wonder what it meant to it's original owner. I actually have a box in my closet (which I will be adding to shortly) marked "nostalgic t-shirts: keep." I have no idea what I will end up doing with these shirts, that came from all sorts of past endeavors: my high school dance team, the few long distance races I ever ran (ohhhhh so long ago), even some stuff from traveling (that Slovensko shirt couldn't have possibly ever fit me). I've had the vague idea that I could make a quilt out of all these, but unfortunately for my shirts I am probably not the craftiest person you will ever meet. I'm definitely not planning on tackling a quilt anytime soon. Anyhow, it is a job I need to finish up today, though I can't say it's easy.

And while on the topic of my childhood, it has occurred to me recently how funny it is that it took me this long to realize I would really enjoy something like vintage dealing. A lot of girls like to play dress up when they are little, but I think I took it to the extreme. Unfortunately for my young social life, I think it took me more than a few years to draw a distinction between okay-to-wear-at-home and okay-to-wear-to-school. Oh well. Growing up I always wanted to live in a different era, so I don't know why it didn't occur to me earlier to get into vintage.

I'm excited today because this evening my boyfriend, a grad student who lives about 5 hours north of me, is coming home for the long Thanksgiving weekend. He'll be busy a lot of the time with his work, but I hope to cajole him into being my photographer so I can get a lot of new listings up in my shop. I have three absolutely stunning black vintage 1950s cocktail dresses that I've been itching to post! And just yesterday I found an a-m-a-z-i-n-g red vintage cashmere coat that I really need to sell before I decide to keep it for myself.

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Brook said...

I have two seperate wardrobes as well. I have four pets and a terrible habit of spilling liquids and food on myself so there is no way I'm going to hang around the house in a pretty vintage dress. I think my 'home' clothes are the ones I cherish the most. Style is fun but comfort is precious. I wonder how many fashion/vintage bloggers do this and just don't talk about it!