Thursday, February 5, 2009

animals on the wall

In a leisurely search for furniture and wall hangings to give personality to my new room, I've done my share of salivating online for art which I can in no way afford right now (which is not to say that they are unreasonably priced!). Some of my favorites:

Quail by Studio Lyon
Have you ever seen a Mama Quail leading a scurrying line of babies? Quails are awesome.

Forest Raccoon by intheforest
I'm always interested in what animals are 'pests' in different parts of the world. Raccoons are well known night trash diggers in the U.S. I remember an English friend saying the raccoon equivalent in the UK were foxes, and in Germany I vividly remember the fat little hedgehogs dodging my bike on the sidewalk late at night. Who goes scavenging in the dark where you live?

Swingers by boygirlparty
I am enjoying living at my new place with the two pups of my housemates, but deep down I really love cats the best. I think I might start volunteering soon at a cat rescue place near my house.

Koi Pond by arinfish
Every time I see koi, especially the fat old ones, I want to just slip under the water and hang out with them. I was somewhat disappointed to learn that in Japanese koi just means 'carp,' but that doesn't really detract from their otherworldly charm for me.

I just did a bit more room decorating yesterday, with specially selected postcards from my vast collection. When I lived in Germany I got very into collecting those free postcards from bars and the like, as well as buying a postcard from every new European city I'd visit. I did this again when I lived and traveled in Asia, and now back in California I have a very high stack of postcards that I, uhm, have nothing with which to do. My last year of college I covered an entire bedroom wall with them, but that was a lot of work, and so this time around I just selected my personal favorites for a brief collage. Do you have any favorite decorating tips or ideas?


into the trees said...

thank you so much for showing my raccoon!
although I haven't seen any raccoons around here in a few years, I do occasionally see possums digging through trash in the alley next to my building (I live in Boston). They actually kind of scare me a little!
xoxo heather

Green Eden Vintage said...

Heather- Ah yeah, possums. Lots of skunks here in Southern California as well. And great blog, I've bookmarked it!

encorepetite said...

Well, my mum doesn't like moles because they dig tunnels all over her pretty pretty garden ...
And I don't really like ferrets because these guys kill hens & rabbits to drink their blood ...
And jays birds because they destroy other birds' nests and eat their eggs !


PS : I'm French ! And I never saw a racoon but looove them, on pictures ;)

into the trees said...

Meredith...I'm so jealous of you being in California! I visited about a year ago (in January when there was a blizzard here which I thankfully missed!) and really really loved it there.

and mathyld...I will never think of ferrets in the same way again! poor poor bunnies :( !!