Sunday, February 8, 2009

want: frye shoes

This is mostly to clear up some tab space in my web browser, but also for me to pretend I have the money to indulge in new shoes. Oh, new shoes.

I kind of hate trying things on in shoe stores, because inevitably the staff will either hover and force a decision out of you, or they will just throw the box at you and retreat to the back room, never to be seen again. Ideally I'd like space to walk around and hem and haw for the necessary half hour of deciding, but this is not usually the case. So what this boils down to is that I like online shoe shopping best, even if the circumstances of sizing are at best nebulous. But this is why Zappos is amazing, and a wonderful free-shipping-both-ways kind of company. Onto the show:

Frye Ava Oxford in dark brown. My boyfriend contends the olive green would be a better choice, but I just love brown shoes.

Frye Kat Mary Jane in cognac. These would also be really cute in yellow, but again, the brown thing.

Frye Kat T Strap in poppy. Red shoes are such a great outfit brightener. My red wedges from a couple of years ago are really not wearable anymore, so sooner or later I will be forced (ahem) to replace them.

Frye Adrienne Stitch T Strap in dark brown. I love the T-strap heels people have been wearing the past season or two (or longer?). I don't have any trouble walking in heels, though depending on how much heelage there is I sometimes feel conspicuously tall, and I think flats are just in general better for the ole joints.

In my defense these are all on sale, but they are all also Frye brand, which is not exactly the cheapest manufacturer out there. That said, I'd much rather get more for less if that means there is actual craftsmanship involved. I won't name any names, but I am continually unimpressed by some of the big retailers whose classic-yet-quirky styles for 20-somethings I like but whose quality is just not worth the money. If I can't buy vintage then I at least want something long lasting.


anja louise verdugo said...

I don't want to be a bummer or anything but Frye has started manufacturing their shoes overseas and from what I've heard the quality is not what it used to be. My friend just bought a pair of Frye maryjane heels a month ago and they are already falling apart. :( There are a fair number of similar reports out there on the internet too, it's unfortunate!

Brook said...

Oh, I so did not want to hear that Frye's quality is slipping! They are hands down my favorite brand of shoes. I own several pair and despite my meager income, I can't stop buying them! I hadn't seen the maryjanes yet...I'm drooling right now.

Green Eden Vintage said...

Oh no! That's sad to hear. Thanks globalization. :/

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Those brown booties are gorgeous - thanks for the lovely comment on my blog about what you do etc, its always nice to know :)

ZombieLace said...

Why are you showing me these delectable shoes?? I can't afford them and yet I must have them-- particularly the t-strap high heel!!! Mercy!

Majick said...

Most of these comments are pretty old but I found them because I've been wondering WTH happened to Frye quality myself.
I had a pair in the 70's that were phenomenal (wish I knew what happened to those...ugh, but I digress). I recently purchased a harness mule and after 4 tries now I'm still trying to get a pair without a defect. Maybe I should just give up.