Sunday, March 1, 2009

a day in the graveyard II

cardigan- Rope Picnic (Japan)
blouse- thrifted (California)
skirt- Uni Qlo (Japan)
socks- ? (old!)
boots- Me Too (California)
bag- vintage (California)

Please enjoy my amateur photo editing skills.

These photos were taken in the overgrown corner of a graveyard near a Japanese church, where Hylton and I got our fill of anko mochi at a mochi pounding 'party.' We spent the rest of the day hanging out at a playground near the campus with a bunch of people from his grad program. The day was finished off with a nerdy board-gaming sesh' with one of Hyl's roommates. Good Saturday.


ana b. said...

So green and wild! Just lovely. Sounds like you had a great weekend. What is a "mochi"???

Green Eden Vintage said...

Ana- mochi is always described as "Japanese rice cake," though to Americans "rice cake" seems hard and crunchy, whereas mochi is really the opposite. It is basically made of rice that is pounded into a soft, chewy ball. Especially when there is yuminess inside (like anko, a sweet red bean paste), it is really good, though eating too much of it gives you (at least, me) that full-but-not-satisfied feeling.

into the trees said...

those photos are so dreamy and you look lovely as always!