Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas card lane

Not too far from where I currently live is a place that, once a year, becomes "Christmas Card Lane." Besides the usual holiday house lights, almost every home has a big plank of wood propped up on the lawn with some holiday motif. They really run the gamut, from Disney characters with Santa hats to sports to the wise men. Of particular note were the strange Santa-turned-Jesus decorations (Santa on bended knee in the manger, really?), and the creepy doll-headed figures that spooked us from across the street:

Childhood pal Jen with one of the freaky doll-headed figures on one family's lawn. The heads were obviously just ripped off from dolls with much smaller bodies than the lawn figures they now sit atop. I'm not sure if this photo gets at the spookiness of it, though that eye thing Jen is doing hints at the creepy.


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