Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I take the majority of the photos for my shop outside of my boyfriend's parent's house. They live in the hills, not so far from industry that it's considered out-in-the-country, but far enough away that when there you feel you're in a special place.

That line on the horizon is the Pacific Ocean.

My boyfriend spent his entire childhood living in a house in the hills, and I can tell part of him pines for it when he's away. Now and then I'm a little jealous, because I've never had that same attachment to my hometown. I've passionately loved other places I've visited and lived, but I never felt rooted enough in the places I grew up. It wasn't until I started dating my boyfriend, right before my last year of college, that I started to have an appreciation for the place I knew before all others. Somewhat ironically, his hometown is my hometown, so being with him has helped me in more than one way.

His place is fun, because there are lots of desert animals that scurry around. Both deer and coyotes visit regularly, and on a hike a few months ago we saw mountain lion tracks near the lip of the reservoir. They even had a female rattlesnake living under a boulder, just outside of their house, for a few weeks. My favorites residents are the quails, who run around with a long line of their babies trailing concernedly after.

The moon and some planets.

The sunsets are also quite nice.

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The Paper Doll said...

Not to sound too stalkerish but i was browsing through one of the vintage photo streams on Flickr and everytime something came up that i was interested in it was from you - i want to add all your photos to my favourites, but i don't want to be the aforementioned stalker girl, so i'll happily browse away and try not to add too many of your pics to my favs :)