Monday, December 22, 2008

recent outfits

Now that I'm afraid my harddrive will crash at any moment, I think I'm going to be sharing photos more often. A few recent outfits:

I really love this scarf/shawl thing, and as cold weather is such a fleeting thing in my area, I was excited to get a chance to wear this. Though I always love plaid, wearing it during the holidays feels particularly festive.

gray hat- UO (CA)
gray shawl- Muji (Japan)
black knit vest- Uni Qlo (Japan)
vintage plaid shirt- Mom's closet
vintage denim skirt- resale shop (CA)
vintage bag- thrifted (CO)

I wore this to a choral concert. I was basing the outfit around this fabulous sheepskin collar coat I bought at an estate sale last month. I keep forgetting to research the label, but it is definitely mid-century, and I love how glamorous it makes me feel. I'm not sure if my mix of yellows and browns worked out just right, but I like it all the same.

vintage bag- market (UK)
vintage coat- estate sale (CA)
vintage 1940s skirt- vintage shop (CA)
tights- ? (old)
vintage mary janes- estate sale (CA)

I'm sort of annoyed I didn't get a photo of this without the coat, but as this skirt is one of my most treasured pieces of clothing, I'm sure it'll be in rotation again.

scarf- handmade (Cambodia)
peacoat- Uni Qlo (Japan)
skirt- night market (Thailand)
black leggings- American Apparel (CA)
boots- Me Too (CA)
bag- vintage, market (UK)

I bought the scarf and the skirt while traveling in SE Asia last spring, where I absolutely fell in love with traditional textiles. If memory serves, the skirt was made by the Hmong people of northern Thailand. All the Hmong handicrafts I saw all over SE Asia were really brightly colored with amazing patterns and details. I felt bad for buying this at a market, where the people who made it probably made a far smaller profit than if had I purchased it from a shop connected with an NGO (like where I bought the scarf).

The things I have acquired while traveling have often become some of my most cherished. There were so many times I didn't get things while traveling, either because I was worried about money (which, when traveling, is always), or because I didn't have space in my pack. So these things that I did splurge on I really love.


Q's Daydream said...

I love the second outfit! Nice blog! Happy 2009! :o)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

You look beautiful, happy new year :)