Wednesday, December 17, 2008

yellow technology

So, the yellow PC laptop I got this past summer (to replace my wheezing four year old white iBook) is quite sick, and on Friday everything on it's large and impressive harddrive was wiped clean. Almost worse than this is the suspicion that it won't magically start working again before I leave this weekend. I had envisioned spending the week and a half away composing blog posts inspired by the Gold Rush scenery and maybe even getting my artist sister to take some photos for me. Oh well.

New York, 1958

Further confounding present plans is this incessant rain, which has helped not one but two people close to me to wreck their cars. Luckily neither of them were hurt, or hurt anyone else. We get so little rain down here that people just don't know how to drive in it. How I ache for efficient public transportation.

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Pretty Little Pictures said...

That's terrible, i can't imagine what that would feel like to lose everything. I hope it gets better and i just wanted to wish you a very merry christmas...