Saturday, December 6, 2008

Six Things

I've been tagged by the lovely Anja aka estatesale to do a post of "six random things about myself," and really, who doesn't like talking about themselves? Off we go:

My piece, set to Bjork's Unison

1. My hobby/sport of choice has always been dancing. I did a little off and on as a kid, but at the end of junior high I auditioned and made the somewhat competitive high school team. For the next four years I danced almost every weekday, and continued into college, where I felt like I really found my 'voice,' if you can say that about dance. My college career culminated with choreographing my own piece for the spring show in my senior year, which was really stressful but ended up being totally worth it. I haven't danced in a long time and I really miss it.

2. I am a big proponent of couchsurfing. I think most people are aware of the general concept, but not everyone seems to know there is an actual website connecting people literally all over the world. My boyfriend and I first 'surfed' last spring when we spent a month and a half in Southeast Asia. Though there is definite fun and adventure to sleeping in hostels and guest houses, being able to stay with a native was a really tremendous experience. I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity and caring of absolute strangers, and it really reminded me that we are all part of the same global community, one that we should all work to nurture.

3. On this same trip my boyfriend and I had a near death experience when our plane almost crashed over Cambodia. We ended up being fine, but both Hylton (my boyfriend) and I have major transportation anxiety now. I start shaking when I even think of being on an airplane.

4. The strangest food I've ever eaten is shirako ( しらこ ), or cod testes. I had it when a group of middle aged Japanese women to whom my boyfriend (and sometimes I) taught a conversation class took us out to a fancy dinner (in Matsuo, in case anyone is familiar with rural 千葉). Delicacy indeed!

5. My best friends are now spread out over five states, and keeping in touch can be difficult when our lives are so out of sync. I love sending them hellos the old fashioned way, and am currently lusting over stationary from the UK-based bombus.

6. I met my boyfriend my second year of high school, and we didn't start dating until six years later. I think the best relationships always start out as friendships first.

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Mberenis said...
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The Paper Doll said...

Cod testies? Hmmm, thanks so much for my tag, i'll be doing it this week sometime :)

Brook said...

Thanks for the tag! Also, thanks for the info about couch surfing. What a fantastic way to travel!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the tag--I'm brainstorming a post! I used to dance competitively too, but unfortunately gave it up couple years into high school. Ballet was always my sport of choice when I was younger. :)
Oh, and your travels sound amazing!