Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hosiery, Please

Wartime restrictions of silk and rayon force cotton stockings into production. Photo dated 1948

With the approach of winter the famously temperate Californian weather has started to sharpen, and I've gotten (re)obsessed with finding fun, colorful tights. Though I do own a normal amount of pants, I really only wear them when running errands. The skirts and dresses sections of my closet are so full that if I didn't make an effort to always wear them when going out, I'd never have a hope of cycling through them all. And we all know that cold weather + bare legs = unhappiness. So! I do believe Santa is bringing me a sensible pair of black sweater tights, but I am on a mission to add to that with some great colors.

I'll drink whatever she's having.

Though I always prefer shopping recycled or handmade over new, I've had a hard time finding these at a reasonable price in good condition in either of those markets (if you have any tips, please let me know!). So we turn now to mass production:

American Apparel's Opaque Pantyhose. The company's brazenly hipster image can be somewhat off-putting, but they always have a wide variety of colors in almost everything they produce, and it's all sweatshop-free, so I can't really fault them too much.

I don't have personal experience with these opaque tights, but they come recommended by my stylish friend Jacky. There are 15 different colors available online, and a bevy of reviews to help you commit.

We Love Colors' Microfiber Solid Color Tights. These are a bit cheaper than AA's opaque tights, would probably be warmer, and come in a staggering 45 colors. 45! That's three different shades of yellow.

From this same company I should note these amazing psychedelic leg-huggers, which undoubtedly make the gang over at AA upset they didn't think of it first. Lots and lots more options at We Love Colors.

Just to round it out I should also link to well known hosiery brand Hue. Most of these look a bit more expensive, but come with free shipping.


Vegan and Vintage said...

Those images are amazing! I have added you to my blogroll, thanks for visiting me! x

Brook said...

Thanks for all the tips on places to locate tights. I live in an area that is very cold in the winter and tights are an absolute necessity. I even wear them underneath my pants! The top image is wonderful, I'm fascinated by WWII-era fashion. I've finally gotten my 'six things' post up. Thanks again for the tag!

leilanie said...

I absolutely LOVE and could not agree more on your blurb about the competion between WLC and AA!!! Haha!! Too funny XO