Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Updates: Black Dresses

I've been trying to list something new in my shop every day, in hopes to get most of my inventory up with enough time for Christmas shipping. I always have at least ten things that are waiting to be photographed, but I guess you do what you can. I am really excited about some of the dresses I have posted/will be posting soon. Here are some swanky, holiday-party-ready dresses that are recent additions to the shop. Two of these are in MINT, never-been-worn condition, which is exciting, at least to me. :)

In other news, apparently I was the only American to have not heard about the Walmart-trampling story from Black Friday. In case you have been living under the same rock as me (or you aren't from the U.S., in which case you have no obligation to listen to American news, since it so rarely takes yours into account), a Walmart employee was trampled to death last Friday, on the 'biggest shopping day of the year.' I can somewhat imagine the mob-mentality, but seriously? How can this sort of thing happen? This just further encourages me to restrict my purchasing power to online avenues (with the real-life exception of thrift, vintage and antique stores, of course). Hooray for etsy!

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The Paper Doll said...

I love the black velvet dress and want to buy it, sigh...